favorite pelorian links

compiled by Gliddy Narfass


Ali Akbar Khan College of Music

the school of India's master sarod player - performance, instruction and instrument sales from the classical music of North India

Perfect Third Maintenance

Brian Godden buys, sells, trades, consigns, and repairs
world music instruments. Highest recommendations!

The Perfect Third

The Perfect Third Esoteric Study Courses, World Musical Instrument Repair, and the development of new Musical Products connected with harmonic and sympathetic technologies.

Alex Grey

"I am an intersecting kaleidoscope of Being in a rainbow refractive wave pattern: a corpuscle of light on the ocean..."

Art for Ark Sake
From Bonobo.tv
Art sales - benefing animal and environmental
projects throughout the world.

Infin-E.T. Opal

Blacklight Design & Flourescent Networks & Mandalas
Robert Anton Wilson
"You should view the world as a conspiracy run by a very closely-knit group of nearly omnipotent people, and you should think of those people as yourself and your friends."

RU Sirius Show

"different angles on a changing world" - from R. U. Sirius

Ram Dass

"drawn to action by heart-felt passion"

Orgone Lab

"Building Upon the Discoveries of Wilhelm Reich, M.D."

University of Metaphysical Sciences

"assisting the human population in its evolution and awakening"

Deepak Chopra

Dr. Chopra once answered the question, "Who are you?" with, "I'm a holographic expression of the entire universe that is manifesting as a continuum of probability amplitudes for space/time events."

Neuro Linguistic Programming

the map is not the territory

DNA Spaceship

Coming to a future near you!

Doctor Foo's Fun-O-Rama

House of Fun and Knowledge



Starseed Music

innerspace music from the ambient temple

O. S. Arun
The prince charming of Carnatic music.
An astounding experience of devotional singing.
visual art

The Art of Marlis Jermutus

Marlis paints a caligraphy of the heart and mind united, drawn in a language of color and form that expresses both chaos and geometry


Swiss surrealist artist
various consciousness agents
Ken Wilber
"I happen to believe the manifest world is an interwoven network of interpenetrating processes" - Ken Wilber
The Maybe Logic Academy "emphasizes the fallibility and relativity of perception and tends to approach information and observations with questions, probabilities and multiple perspectives rather than absolute truths"

John Lilly

scientific visionary and explorer

Rupert Sheldrake

best known for his controversial theory of "formative causation" which implies a non-mechanistic universe, governed by laws which themselves are subject to change

Stanislav Grof

holotropic breathwork

Leonard Orr

conscious energy breathing

Jack Sarfatti

"Rapid and practical interstellar travel is possible. Humans may not need to spend long periods in space. And there's plenty of evidence out there that we are not alone. "

Anaflora & the Sacred Spirit Temple

Sharon Callahan, internationally recognized animal communication specialist and pioneer in the use of flower essences in the treatment of animals, and Purusha Ananda, steward of the Sacred Spirit Temple in Mt. Shasta, California.

Photo: Sharon and Purusha with Starseed

The Guns and Dope Party

Official Motto (version 2): "Like what you like,
enjoy what you enjoy,
don't be afraid to make slurping sounds,
and don't take crap from anybody"

Prints and Gifts from The Art of Marlis Jermutus
Starseed Music CDs and Pelorian Products