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When a piece of lasagna falls from your plate, time-honored Newtonian physics finds no difficulty in examining the pasta's trajectory. Quantum mechanics, however, suggests that when we examine actions of the smallest objects in the universe, Newtonian physics can no longer predict what happens to our "quantum lasagna." In order to reconcile the bizarre behavior of quantum lasagna, one theory in quantum mechanics suggests the probability of multiple worlds that exist in parallel in the same time and "super space."

While the bizarre ideas of quantum mechanics befuddled even Einstein, I seldom consider quantum theory when eating my lasagna, but as a metaphor, the Many-Worlds Interpretation inspires my imagination, and with equal importance, keeps me open-minded for possibilities that my easily frightened ego may reject with knee-jerk conformity.

The links on this page lead to a variety of subjects that I have found challenge traditional views of our universe, suggesting a need for a broader view of reality - a multiverse of views.

Please don't agree willy-nilly with what I have written here. Leave a message and create your own verse, what my favorite channeled alien, Bashar, calls your "You-n'-verse."